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Victure PC540: Wireless Indoor Security Camera for Babies and Pets

Wireless security cameras are a great tool when we have a baby or a playful pet at home, Victure PC540 will be able to monitor them at night or when we leave them alone for a moment.

Installing a Victure PC540 camera, monitoring our children or pets will be an easy task, because it has a wonderful quality and recording angle. In addition to its advanced night vision system, this camera has become very popular among technology lovers.

Victure PC540 HD Camera with Night Vision Specifications

  • 1080P video resolution
  • Full HD image quality
  • Infrared light system with 850nm 10PCS and reach up to 30 feet
  • PTZ Pan: 355 ° Vertically: 100° Wide angle: 90°
  • 48dB microphone, anti noise technology and bidirectional audio
  • Motion detection system with intelligent alarm
  • WiFi LAN with 2.4GHz frequency, WPA2 encryption
  • Supported protocol: HTTP / DHCP / IP / TCP / UDP
  • Mobile application for remote monitoring available for iOS and Android
  • Discrete size: 3.66” x 4.51” (93 x 114.5 mm)
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces (401 gr)
  • Manufacturing material: Plastic

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Advantages and Most Important Features

One of its main advantages we can highlight Victure PC540 IP camera has an advanced night vision technology with 10 integrated IR LED units and dual photoresistance filter. This allows a high quality recording to be carried out in complete darkness without affecting people’s sleep, which is why it is used by many of its users as a monitor to monitor babies’ sleep.

On the other hand, it offers a wonderful panoramic view without any blind spots, as it has a 90º angular lens, more horizontal and vertical rotation of 355º and 100º respectively, with which a 360º visualization of the entire room is achieved.

This camera performs a continuous scan of the entire space by sending a real-time alert to the app every time a new unidentified item appears, so you can keep up with everything that happens at home.

Where to buy? The Best Offer for Victure PC540

Official Victure store on offers a special offer in which for a very affordable price they provide warranty, technical advice for life with free shipping of the product to any part of the country.

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Users reviews

Almost 80% of users who have purchased Victure WiFi PC540 IP security cameras have given it a rating of 5 stars. Its users emphasize that the camera has a wonderful video quality both day and night and thanks to its discreet design they can place it in any space of their home without any problem; 

In addition, the configuration and synchronization with your App is very easy to perform thanks to its intuitive user manual. According to its users at Amazon, the Victure brand offers us a high standard in advanced operation, as well as an excellent image resolution and a total perimeter coverage.

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Victure PC540: Wireless Indoor Security Camera for Babies and Pets
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Victure PC540: Wireless Indoor Security Camera for Babies and Pets
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