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Do you know Akaso Cameras? Maximum Quality and Saving

Since its creation, Akaso has focused on offering the best filmographic and sports equipment considering itself specialists in action cameras. However, they have done a great job in developing different models of WiFi IP cameras.
Akaso indoor, outdoor, dashcam

Since 2013,  Akaso has expanded its name rapidly in the markets thanks to its technological innovations in cameras and sports equipment, as well as its efforts to venture into various fields related to outdoor sports and recreation.

What seems like a short but substantial trajectory, Akaso has become a brand that includes the wild spirit of those who seek extreme adventures set in the middle of nature or surrounded by the various challenges imposed by the city, while still capturing any moment of action in a very clear and detailed way.

But, what can you find on Akaso products catalog?

Akaso Sports and Action Cameras

Akaso sports camera models such as Brave 4, Brave 6, EK7000, EK7000 Pro, V50 Pro, V50 Pro SE, V50 Elite have earned the respect of the public who loves adventures and technology, with safe equipment, resistant and good for all kinds of terrains. The V50 Elite model is one of the favorites, know it below.

Akaso V50 Elite. The 4K WIFI 20MP Sports Camera

Do you love adventure and extreme sports? Surfing, diving, motorcycling, cycling or skydiving using the Akaso V50 Elite camera will be an experience of another level. With this incredible tool you can record every feat that you carry out in a professional manner and exceptional quality.

This camera is light, small and very easy to handle, so you can take it with you to record and take photos, even if you are underwater, in places with difficult access or at high speeds.

Technical Data Sheet Akaso V50 Elite Sports Camera 4K / 60fps

Thanks to all the technological features of the Akaso V50 Elite camera, it is capable of providing an amazing video and photography experience in various environments and conditions. Next, we will point out the most important:

  • Video resolution: 4K / 60fps, 4K / 30fps, 2.7K / 60fps, 2.7K / 30fps, 1080P / 120fps, 720P / 240fps
  • Photo resolution: 20MP / 16MP / 14MP / 10MP / 8MP / 5MP / 2MP
  • 170 ° adjustable viewing angle 
  • Voice control command
  • IP68 waterproof housing to submerge the camera up to 131 feet
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • 2-inch IPS IPS LCD screen
  • Built-in 2.4GHz WiFi
  • 6-axis internal gyroscope
  • 6G wide angle lens f / 2.8
  • Distortion calibration
  • 8X zoom
  • Wind noise reduction

More details of this and other models on Amazon

Best Akaso action camera


Advantages of the Akaso V50 Elite Touch Screen WiFi Action Camera

1. Akaso V50 Elite camera captures videos in high resolution up to 4K at 60 frames per second, with optimal quality, clarity and sharpness, even in motion or underwater recordings. With its voice command control, the video and photo function can be activated, with commands such as “Action Start Video” and “Action Photo”.

2. Its waterproof case allows you to submerge the camera up to 131 feet deep to dive and know the wonderful marine world, it also protects it against problems, abuse and dust.

3. The built-in electronic stabilization function allows the capture of uniform and stable photos and videos when the camera or objects are in motion. Its 2-inch LCD touch screen makes camera control, configuration and viewing of photos and videos more convenient and easy.

Where to buy? The Best Offers of this Model Akaso V50 Elite

In the market there is a large number of physical and online stores that promote this functional sports camera, however, the official Akaso brand store on Amazon offers the best deals for this and other Akaso models to its users, in addition provides security and convenience in your purchase, with free shipping included.

Customer reviews

Almost 70% of users who have purchased this camera, have qualified it as a phenomenal product with 5-star rating, due to its excellent value for money, its high image resolution and the quality of its LCD touch screen, elements that make it one of  the most popular cameras among adventurers and fans of extreme sports.

Indoor IP Cameras

If you are looking for indoor cameras, models such as Akaso P20, Akaso P30 and Akaso P50 will be able to keep your home safe and secure thanks to its high-end technology and easy installation. You can learn more about P30 model below.

Akaso IP Camera WiFi 1080P Indoor Surveillance Model P30

Today we can have the most modern technology to protect our business or our loved ones with such advanced devices as the Akaso WiFi IP Camera 1080P model P30. Thanks to this incredible tool we can monitor every event that happen in our home, even if we are not there.

It has a series of plausible features that have allowed it to stand out among different brands and recognized models, giving its users an excellent video experience for monitoring the spaces within home, company or office.

Akaso WiFi 1080P IP Camera Indoor: Technical Data Sheet

Among the most important technical specifications of this camera, we can highlight:

  • Video resolution: 1080P / 2.0MP
  • Compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, Fire TV
  • Night vision up to 32.8 feet
  • Infrared exposure light
  • Bidirectional audio
  • 100 ° viewing angle
  • PAN / TILT: 355 ° horizontal, 90 ° vertical rotation
  • Supports micro SD card from 2 to 128 GB and has cloud storage service
  • Remote access from smartphones with the “Akaso Smart” application

You can see it on Amazon

Akaso Indoor camera


Features and Benefits of the Akaso P30 Model

1. Thanks to its high video resolution, with this indoor WiFi camera you can perfectly visualize every situation that occurs in the interior of your home or office, has a wide angle of 100º and the possibility of performing a horizontal rotation of 355º and vertical rotation of 90º.

2. With its infrared LED with IR matrix for night vision, you can observe what happens in your home while everyone is sleeping, which provides an even greater sense of security.

3. Due to their compatibility with Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV you can ask these assistants to show you the video in real time through the application and allow you to make some configuration or start a conversation through its bidirectional audio function. This way you can receive updates on what happens at home, regardless of whether it is an emergency or some mischief of your pet.

Where to buy? The Best Offer for the Akaso P30 Surveillance IP Camera

Akaso has an online store  on Amazon, offer the best deals on all its camera models, gives its users the possibility to enjoy all the advantages that Amazon as a company offers to its customers, such as security of purchase, convenience of payment, speed and even free shipping.

The prices offered by Akaso in Amazon are difficult to match by other online stores, in addition buying this camera through this online store give us the security that the package will be sent to the door of our house without major inconveniences, nor additional surcharges.

Users reviews

Almost 80% of people who have purchased this indoor surveillance camera have rated its functionality with 5 stars, due to its incredible video quality, its excellent night vision with infrared and easy installation. Its excellent features make it one of the best equipment for indoor surveillance.

Akaso Outdoor WiFi Camera

Akaso B60 stands out for being the model of outdoor WiFi IP camera whose low price and excellent performance have made it one of the best sellers in its catalog, for that reason we have developed its review.

Akaso B60 WiFi Camera Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV

The Akaso B60 outdoor security IP WiFi camera, gives the opportunity to have a live view with great image resolution of everything that happens outside the place we want to monitor, thanks to its compatibility with Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV, without the weather or night conditions being a problem to obtain a video with excellent resolution.

The video monitoring of the external areas of our home, office or business is decisive to prevent or stop any threat to our property, as well as to the physical integrity of the people there.

Technical Data of the Akaso B60 Wireless IP Outdoor Security Camera

A camera model with extraordinary features and the most advanced technology. Among its most important technical specifications we can highlight:

  • 112º viewing angle
  • Video resolution: 1080P / 2.0 MP
  • Night vision up to 65 feet (20 meters)
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Fire TV
  • Made with waterproof external material that resists a temperature range of -4 ℉ ~ 122 ℉ (-20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃)
  • Motion detection sensor with instant notification on the phone and audible alarm at the same time
  • 1.5W High Power Infrared Light and Automatic IR Cut Filter
  • Two way  audio
  • 2.4GHz WIFI support
  • Remote access from smartphones with “Akaso Smart” application
  • Supports micro SD card up to 128GB

More details on Amazon

Akaso B60 WiFi Outdoor Camera

Analysis of the Features and Benefits of this camera compatible with Alexa and Fire TV

1. Due to the waterproof materials, this outdoor camera withstands heavy rains, storm weather, snowy weather, as well as high temperatures caused by the sun, since its temperature range is from -20 ℃ to 50 ℃

2. The night vision function with a range of 65 feet (20 meters) in conjunction with its high-power infrared light, allows you to make recordings with optimal sharpness in complete darkness and at a great distance.

3. The motion detection sensor sends a notification to your cell phone along with an image of the unforeseen event, while activating an alarm to notify the alert.

4. Its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Fire TV allows to have access to real-time recordings from different angles, as well as the option camera settings or other functions through the voice command.

Where to buy? The Best Offer for the Akaso B60 Camera compatible with Google Home

Among all the online stores that offer different prices for this wireless security camera, Amazon certainly has the best prices on the market.

This online store offers payment security and fast purchase, in addition to sending the package for free to the door of our house to any part of the United States.

Customer reviews

Almost 75% of people who have rated the operability of this camera awarded a 5-star rating, due to its excellent image resolution, high quality night vision and perfect functionality of its motion detection sensors.

Akaso DashCam

If you are interested in the most advanced and cheap car cameras, Akaso offers you unsurpassed models such as the C200, DL2, P4, Trace 1, V1 and V300, which have become a milestone among more responsible drivers. More details about the V1 model in our analysis.

AKASO V1: A Car Camera with GPS System Included

You have probably already enjoyed the advantages of GPS: a satellite positioning system that has become a fundamental tool for cars in recent years. Thanks to this, the location of any address is facilitated in real time, but can you imagine it integrated into a dash cam?

The AKASO V1 car camera model includes a wide variety of functions including its Global Positioning System (GPS) which allows the driver to find any location during a trip in a comfortable and fast way, at the same time as can make recordings all the way with excellent video resolution.

Learn more about this product!

Data Sheet Car Camera with GPS Akaso V1

Among the most outstanding technical characteristics of the AKASO V1 Dash Cam, we can find:

  • Image quality from 720p to 1296p with Sony IMX 323 sensor, full HD video recording.
  • 170º recording angle that records up to 5 lanes of the highway, minimizing blind spots.
  • 1.5 “LCD screen
  • Integrated WiFi system with mobile application compatible with iOS and Android.
  • High vision night vision technology.
  • GPS system that records location, speed, longitude and latitude data.
  • G sensor detects collisions and automatically starts the emergency accident recording mode.
  • Video recording mode in 24-hour loop, which automatically overwrites old files to save the current ones.

AKASO V1 Dash Cam with GPS, 1296P Full HD

Analysis of the Characteristics and Advantages of the AKaso Car Surveillance Camera

The AKASO V1 car camera has the wonderful option to edit videos and images and post them directly on different social networks, so we can share our experiences throughout the trip with friends and followers.

Thanks to its excellent video quality, you can have sharp images at any time of the day, regardless of the movement or low light of the road.

Likewise, this car camera has a G-sensor that captures unforeseen impacts and automatically activates its special emergency recording for accidents, which captures, saves, protects and blocks all the images captured during the accident that will serve as evidence for lawsuits or claims against car insurance.

Where to buy? The Best Offers of the AKASO V1 Camera for Cars

There are many physical and online stores that offer the products of the AKASO brand in which you can get the V1 model for cars, however, it is on Amazon where you can find the best prices for this camera, with full purchase guarantee , ease of payment and free shipping to anywhere in USA.

User reviews

Its integrated WiFi technology to access from the mobile application and a very easy and discreet installation, are some of the features most praised by its buyers, who call it a functional product, economical and with incredible benefits.

It has a very positive and high rating in online stores, standing out among the best dashcam models available.

Akaso Products and Accessories

This brand has developed products that have revolutionized the concept of home automation, such as doorbells and smart locks, as well as a variety of accessories and products, including drones.

For 6 years, this brand has focused on improving the experience of its users by presenting the best technological equipment such as WiFi IP cameras, dash cams, exercise trackers, video projectors, video-bells, smart locks and of course , advanced drones. With this impressive catalog, it has managed to stand out against its competition driven by its affordable prices in reference to its high quality.

Akaso brand review

Although this brand develops various products such as image projectors, drones and more recently it has entered with greater commitment in the sports sector through its association with Hanagal Footware (distributing sports equipment such as backpacks and shoes), which has really made it so popular to this company is its impressive and economical cameras.

Despite its low price compared to more recognized brands, Akaso offers practically the same quality and performance in its equipment, without affecting the budget too much. It is this balanced value for money, which has made this brand one of the most recommended.

This young brand continues to expand and meet the needs of its consumers through superior technology equipment that is now available to everyone.

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